OK. So you know the basics of what we are doing, now what will it look like? If I can't make it to practices, where do I "stand"? This is the page for you! When you CAN come, keep the basic shape in mind and stick yourself into that shape somewhere. It's that easy.

Intro: come in and get a "wii" remote so that we can play

1st song: Lines -ish. We have about 17-20+ people (not really sure so however many show up on the 20th!) Make an overall rectangle shape. Pick one of the four dancers on the screen. Dancer 1 = left side, 2 = middle left, 3 = middle right, 4 = right. We may change this so it is random. Please be flexible
2nd song: Move if you want, but more disorganized.
3rd song: One line? let's see what happens
4th song: Totally wing it? IDK, ideas welcome.